Read, Read Riddles


Ever wonder what riddles are? Or if they have some hidden magic to make you fly? Did you know that in ancient times, oracles and soothsayers often convey knowledge in riddle form, holding that knowledge precious and not to be freely passed on to inferior minds? Did you also know that even Aristotle saw riddles as metaphorical statements of symbolic meaning of natural phenomena?

Riddles may have lost its popularity among the young, but the power it holds in sharpening the wit and developing the mind has never been lost. Read, Read Riddles yearns to bring riddles back to life in its compilation of more than a hundred riddles that would surely take you to a lot of twists and turns and would sometimes frustrate you as the answers to the riddles are really unpredictable. It’s mind-boggling but very entertaining—something to share with your friends.


click to viewFlorante at Laura by Aida M. Guimarie


It’s an innovative way of taking a journey into the romantic and poetic world of Florante and Laura!

Literature lovers could say without any hesitation that the original “Florante at Laura” by Francisco Baltazar aka Balagtas is a work of genius not only for its romantic lines and scenarios in which we all can relate to, but also for all the social relevance packed into it by the poet. But the fact is, present generation finds it boring and a hard read due to its poetic nature.

This book, Florante at Laura by Aida M. Guimarie, offers a more comprehensive approach to make the masterpiece by Balagtas be easily understood by all. Though the book retains the original lines written in verse, it is filled with activities that will help the readers appreciate the content and its relevance to our lives then and now. The beauty of the Filipino language is also unfolded in the book as the beautifully woven words of Balagtas are interpreted for the modern readers. It would also draw readers closer to the life of the National hero and poet as it also presents a vivid picture of his life.

Now, are you ready to enter the world of Florante at Laura?


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Ibong Adarna by Aida M. Guimarie


It brings back the mystical and magical world of Ibong Adarna, now with a new educational approach to make it easier to understand!

Don Juan’s search for the mystical bird Adarna continues with a new and improved delivery of the magical story we all love.

The story itself is in its poetic form, with the content intact in every line and verse. The author, Aida M. Guimarie, though presents an easier way of understanding the story with guide questions at the beginning of each chapter and good follow-up activities after every chapter. It leads the readers to understand the nature of Ibong Adarna and appreciate it along the way.

Magical, mystical, fun, and entertaining—this is the world that awaits the readers of Ibong Adarna.

From Dorothy's Kitchen by Dorothy M. J. Ferreria


Finally, the book that Dorothy Ferreria’s fans are all waiting for! If you loved the recipes from the books she has previously written, then you would surely adore From Dorothy’s Kitchen as she has included improved versions of her older recipes here. And for food enthusiasts who are dying to attend Dorothy’s Cooking School but do not have the luxury to do so, then this book is for you as it contains the best of the author’s well-kept recipes, from simple house meals to party treats, brewed and tested in the kitchens of her very own culinary school, the Dorothy’s Cooking School.From Dorothy’s Kitchen to your very own kitchen, this is our new friend and helper in terms of cooking.